Tell the World

Bin sees the big picture and understands how a film works as a whole.

Coupled with his extraordinary eye for detail this combination not only delivers powerful individual story arcs but also a brilliantly structured film story arc.


Bin understands that story is king, everything serves it and his ability to collaborate in an open dialogue where everything can be challenged in the creative process makes him a wonderful editor to work with.


Bin is the first into the edit suite in the morning and the last to leave. He is fun to work with, highly professional and most importantly he has that thing editors need, diplomacy. Bin is the ideal film editor for any production.


My only hesitation in recommending him is that it may result in him not being available the next time I want to work with him.


Kyle Portbury


Tell The World

Walking with Dinosaurs 3D

Bin has been working as our Additional Editor for the past 5-6 months.

Creatively we find his edited scenes exciting and energetic.

His positive manner and good humor contributes to a great editorial working environment.


I have no hesitation in recommending Bin Li to any production fortunate enough to employ him.




Jinko Gotoh


Walking with Dinosaurs 3D

Kimble Rendall - Director of 'Bait'

For the past three months, Bin has been working as our Additional Editor for the extended Chinese version of Bait 3D.


Not only can Bin edit individual scenes, he has the ability to see ‘the big picture’ and make the film work as a whole. Bin also has the unique ability to understand Mandarin Chinese, which was an added bonus for our film.


Bin’s western method of direct communication combined with his eastern diplomatic abilities, plus his good sense of humour, makes him an ideal film editor for any production.




Kimble Rendall