Drama Film Editing


Film Editor - Additional Editor - Associate Editor

 电影剪辑师    - 联合剪辑               - 副剪辑

League of Gods Trailer

封神榜 - Feng Shen Bang (original title)

Feature Film starring Jet Li

and Bing Bing Fan


Short Film

Screen Australia

Blinky Bill The Movie

Animated Feature Film, voice

starring Toni Collette and Richard Roxburgh


Feature Film

Lea to the Rescue

TV Movie directed by Nadia Tass


Short Film

Screen Australia

Walking with Dinosaurs 3D

Animated Feature Film


Feature Film

Monk Comes Down the Mountain

道士下山 - Dao Shi Xia Shan (original title)

Feature film directed by Chen Kai Ge

Tell The World

Feature Film starring Bill Lake and Tommie-Amber Pirie

City Sharks

Feature Film