Paul Willey

L-R: Kristine Rowe (Music Editor), Bin Li, Nadia Tass (Director), Josh Wyatt (Assistant Editor)

and Katie Dose (1st Assistant Editor),

Bin is an outstanding Editor and creative collaborator. I have worked with him in Sydney on traditional feature film projects, when he was cutting on Fox Studios, and then more recently, working on immersive media projects, specifically in the VR and 360-video space.

Bin quickly grasped how to craft narratives using the 360-degree canvass: he understands story, pace, and, crucial for VR, user experience/journey.

He is an innovative, creative and pragmatic story-teller; comfortable with technology, platform and delivery.
Moreover, he has a wonderful sense of humour, and approaches film-making without ego or assumption, but with a collaborative intent to get the best from the content, and to realise the Director’s vision.

I’d recommend Bin without hesitation.

Paul Willey - Commercial Director, Agent Reality | Social Augmented Reality | AR messaging/chat